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Company brand books – the Santa Clause way!

Santa Brand Book










If you’re a marketing geek who loves a good company brand book, take a look at the Santa Brand Book, produced by communications company Quietroom. At Grow My Business, we love this document, and as an Essex-based business, we’re particularly happy that Quietroom have managed to include a reference to Essex MP Eric Pickles on the ‘Brand Assets’ page. Ha ha ha!

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The organisational perils of office Christmas party romances


bigstock-Coffee-41268634 by para827










Do you remember the old Yellow Pages adverts that announced you should ‘let your fingers do the walking’? Well that’s fine, but don’t let that slogan apply to your office Christmas party!

(Original content provided by Nigel Wilson, Nexus HR)

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Is Google making us all angry?

bigstock-Stressed-Businessman-41009869 by alphaspirit


In today’s Panda/Hummingbird world, Google has made us all angry. Why? Because Panda and Hummingbird (Google’s latest search algorithms) talk about the importance of generating content for websites and clicks to websites, but how do you do that when you’ve simply got nothing else to write about?

You incite an online riot of course…

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Google me calling cards

Google me business cards


Original posted at: http://www.smelltheink.com/google-me-letterpress-calling-cards/

Do your business cards contain every living detail about you? Your name? Your email address? Your website address? Your height, weight, eye colour, a list of your favourite hobbies?! Desist. The power of keeping it simple cannot be underestimated and may even help you to stand out.

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How to sack someone (the correct way…)

bigstock-The-word-Fired-on-a-chalk-outl-31835069 by iqonceptIt’s so easy to sack someone; you simply tell the employee that they are no longer required and off they go into the sunset (or sunrise if you sack them first thing)! Well that’s okay if you want to take a risk and your business bank account is able to accommodate the cost of a tribunal. Let’s face it most organisations could not afford it.  It’s not just financially expensive but also takes up a lot of management time and could affect the reputation of your business.

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Ten top tips for lowering your tax bill

Tax bills, tax returns

Does it feel like you’re wading through a maze, when trying to understand tax rules? Are you interested in ways to help lower your tax bill? Are you a sole trader or do you run your own business? If so, read the Grow My Business top ten tips for lowering your tax bill.

Written by Phillip Young, a Grow My Business blogger from The Accountancy Practice (Essex) Ltd.

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WordPress websites under attack – is your website secure?

Wordpress security under attack - Grow My Business article - photo by Mike Hamilton from Unsplashed

Article written by Andrew Areoff from Areoff.com.

Does your business have a website built in WordPress? If so, has it been adequately secured against hackers? Make sure you ask your web developer about this (as well as how often they take back-ups of your site) because hackers are increasingly exposing the weaknesses and flaws in everyday websites by hacking into them and bringing them down.

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HR is important for strategic and operational planning

bigstock-Human-capital-concept-in-tag-c-42340102 by olechowski

Article written by Nigel Wilson – Owner of Nexus HR Consultancy Ltd.

The top 10 reasons why HR is critical for small, medium and large businesses. Reason number one: strategic and operational planning.

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HR: a critical resource for all businesses – small, medium or large

Picture by Scanrail from BigStockPhoto

Article written by Nigel Wilson – Owner of Nexus HR Consultancy Ltd.

Unlike large companies, small to medium sized businesses do not always have the luxury of maintaining in-house HR departments or outsourcing HR issues to external practitioners. Many SME’s will simply muddle through when it comes to employee management, hoping they are getting it right and fire-fighting issues when they crop up.

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Employment tribunal costs – legal changes in 2013

bigstock-Himalaya-Mountains-43956478 by Microstock Man


At the end of July this year, changes to the legal system mean that all workers will now be charged for taking their bosses to employment tribunals. Costs will start at £150 for employees to raise the case, and up to £950 to bring the case to a hearing. For more information about this legal change, get in touch with the Grow My Business HR expert today.

Article written by Nigel Wilson – Owner of Nexus HR Consultancy Ltd.

(Photo by Microsoft Man from BigStockPhoto)

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